You Just Entered the Portal of White Light

Many Christians continue their traditional family belief in God. There are also people on earth, who have experienced miracles much like the prophets of God. Enhancing our ability to believe in the unseen are God and His Son Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible represents His spiritual influence on the world, physically and mentally. By professing our belief in God world-wide, in reality we are influencing our own spiritual awareness and our own faith.

People at work and people in your family are having a change of heart and are beginning to communicate more kindness abroad for our greater good. Every business worldwide will begin appreciating their customers more and more. Corporations are beginning to realize the people they employ are living a less than adequate lifestyle compared to the profits corporations receive. To do what is right every corporation worldwide on earth already has put a plan in action and are in the process of turning over a new leaf by giving back to the people.

Our people abroad are the people who sustain our balanced economy and employ family values worldwide. Employees all around the world are receiving an increase in wages. A large pay hike compensates the superior work ethics of every man and woman on earth and increases morals. The increase in income in turn balances the way we live and think.

“Corporations shall share corporate profits for the greater good of all humanity worldwide, for “We the People” living in virtual reality, sustain all life on earth.”

Moral cooperation, integrity, freedom and justice receive worldwide recognition as the highest level of transformation in any government, virtually happens overnight. In order to serve “We the People” every government worldwide transforms and creates employee medical coverage for everyone worldwide by donating 10% of their combined salaries towards paying for the Health Care Plan supporting “We the People.”

Our integrity driven prosperity for all initiatives create balance abroad. Nations hearts are filled with love as all nationalities cooperate to reach an agreement in peace talks for we the people and the planet earth, for God and His Son Jesus Christ ask for a plan to Go Green by 2013. Every man, woman and child builds on the strong foundation of God, for we the people worldwide acknowledge and praise the day Jesus Christ our Savior was born.

On the edge of survival we see the smallest White Light on the grandest level.